Camotes Islands, Cebu, Philippines: Bukilat Cave in Tudela

Bukilat Cave is an underground cave found in McArthur, Tudela, Camotes Islands in Cebu. It was developed and beautified by students in the 70's to attract would-be tourist in the area. Unique for its seven holes above its dome that allow light to enter and brighten its cavern below.

Bukilat Cave

How to get to Bukilat Cave in Camotes Islands? Its Location & Directions.
10:30 and I was beginning to wonder if this guy Jay-r, whom we've met at the ferry, was still coming. It's been an hour and there was this one persistent habal-habal driver hovering over me, while i'm having brunch in a small diner. He was offering us a tour of the island for Php 250 each, which wasn’t at all a bad deal, except that we already had a ride that was supposedly on its way over. This 'hovering' driver said, he’ll just wait up outside in case our ride doesn’t show up. I saw Jay-r pulled up the curb finally, so I announced to the driver sitting outside, waiting patiently, that our ride has arrived. Disappointment showed on his face, though still managed to crack a smile as he walked away. Jay-r’s motorbike is a bit smaller than the usual habal-habal I have ridden before so I'm hoping it can haul our asses with not much trouble. We left Poro.

habal-habal ride

We headed up to the eastern most tip of Poro Island - Tudela, where the Bukilat Cave is. A tidbit of information about Camotes Islands: It is actually composed of three big islands; Pacijan Island, Poro Island, and Ponson Island. Pacijan Island and Poro Island are connected by a short bridge, while Ponson Island is about 15 minutes by boat from Poro Island. Pacijan Island has the town of San Francisco; Poro Island has two towns - Poro and Tudela, Pacijan Island has the town of Pilar. In essence, Camotes Islands has 3 main islands with 4 towns. 

We cruised the open road with ease, road's empty, maybe one or two vehicles every now and then. We passed along the shorelines with its usual spectacular view of the blue ocean. A 15-minute drive on a provincial road to the quiet town of Tudela, where we bought a bottled gas for the motorbike. And while at it, we asked the vendor for the exact location of the cave. From Tudela town proper, another 6 km or 10 mins drive continuing onto the provincial road that forked left to a barangay road that'll lead to the Bukilat Cave's entrance.

headed for Bukilat Cave on habal-habal

Bukilat Cave has a downward cemented stairway leading to the cave. The above opening is enclosed in fences and aesthetically decorated with plants. A few steps below comes to a view a brightly lit cavern with light rays coming from its seven circular holes above. Inside this airy grotto-like cave is a man-made pathway that leads visitors to see the many formations of stalactites and several 'fixed' or cemented-in stalagmites arranged to resemble natural focal points of the caves. The cave is photographically beautiful, but lacks the thrill factor. It has a shallow pool of crystal-clear salty water, though too shallow for anyone to swim, unless you're just up for waddling about or to get a nice refreshing salt bath. I shouldn’t be complaining too much because after all, it’s only Php10 to get in.

Fee booth and inside Bukilat Cave

How much to spend (total expenses) for Camotes Islands trip:
P 75 - taxi to Ouano Wharf Manadaue (1/2 share)
P 250 - boat to Camotes Islands
P 250 - habal habal for Island Tour (1/2 share)
P 70 - lunch
P 10 - entrance fee - Bukilat Cave
P 15 - entrance fee – Timubo Cave
P 180 - boat to Danao – Jomalia Shipping Corp.
P 40 - bus to Cebu City
P 40 - taxi to Fuente OsmeƱa (1/2 share)
P 700 - Total Approx

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