Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines: Reaching Poro

The town of Poro is one of the only four towns of Camotes Islands. The name Camotes, meaning sweet yams, made me wonder if that is the main crop in that island. We went to the Tourism Department at the Capitol Building in Cebu City to gather information about Camotes Islands. A promise of white sandy beaches, quaint little towns, caves, and scenic routes that overlook the ocean, were enough for me to warrant a visit.

How to get to Poro in the Camotes Islands? Its Location & Directions.
Equipped with all the information gathered from the Tourism Department and a sound advice from a person whom we’ve met at the Cathedral during the course of the day, who just happened to be from Poro, Camotes Islands, set us up for a voyage early the next day. There were several ways to get to the Island but we opted for the route that suited our schedule well. I wasn’t able to sleep the night before the trip due to sudden unplanned activities, so, I just waited out until 3am to get ready for the Island trip. A taxi took us to Ouano Wharf in Mandaue City for the 4:30am boat trip.

4am at the Ouano Wharf; the ferry boat and the ticketing table

The voyage lasted for more than 4 hours which gave me enough time to get the much needed rest. I slept all through out the entire voyage. It was easy to get that snooze because everyone on board was quietly resting or sleeping as well. The boat has a capacity of 200 passengers but only a handful was traveling that morning, although I saw tons of cargo at the lower deck -- a few brand new motorbikes, sacks of produce, rice, groceries, and other indistinguishable goods.

lower deck, upper deck

The boat finally reached its first port stop at exactly 9am, San Francisco (locals call it SanFran). Almost everyone disembarked the ship. Only about five people or so stayed put for the next port - Poro, where we were headed. A guy popped up from the lower deck and approached me. He asked if I wanted to maybe get off the boat as well since the boat will need to unload its tons of cargo and it will take some time to unload everything. He would then take us to Poro on his habal-habal (motorbike) for Php 50 each. Not a bad deal considering the long wait inside this rocking vomit-inducing ferry. Besides, we will get to see the islands’ scenic route going to Poro on a motor bike. Not a bad deal!

San Francisco Pier, Camotes Islands

Onto the habal-habal heading to Poro. No more than 15 minutes drive passing through an open road overlooking the ocean. We got dropped off at the Poro Church.

habal-habal ride to Poro Church

The church has its own subtle beauty which somehow reminded me of Lazi church in Siquijor. The color palette is pale blue and pink. We explored its inside and outside.

Poro Church

After the church, we continued walking, under the searing heat of the sun, towards the town’s rotunda, near the Poro Port, stopping occasionally to shelter near the ocean shore. It was 9:20 in the morning and the town was calm as the dessert, and lacking of activities. Only a few habal-habal passing through the road. 

town of Poro and its shoreline

We ended up having brunch near the port while we waited for Jay-r, the guy we've met aboard the ferry. He lives in San Francisco and agreed to meet us up in Poro. And with his habal-habal, he'd take us for a spin around the island, gas on us. To check out the Bukilat Cave in Tudela, Timubo Cave in San Francisco, and the Santiago Bay Beach Resort.

How much to spend (total expenses) for Camotes Islands trip:
P 75 - taxi to Ouano Wharf Manadaue (1/2 share)
P 250 - boat to Camotes Islands
P 250 - habal habal for Island Tour (1/2 share)
P 70 - lunch
P 10 - entrance fee - Bukilat Cave
P 15 - entrance fee – Timubo Cave
P 180 - boat to Danao – Jomalia Shipping Corp.
P 40 - bus to Cebu City
P 40 - taxi to Fuente OsmeƱa (1/2 share)
P 700 - Total Approx

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